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Gurus and Big Companies know the incredible power of Videos. Engaging videos are proven to boost your conversions and sales of your own product or affiliate products!
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Works great with every video software like VideoMakerFX, Easy sketch Pro, Open Office, Adobe after effect & even with PowerPoint.
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500+ Top quality and highly engaging animated characters, videos shapes, stings…
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Hope you already know the golden thumb rule:

Your/Affiliate Product or service + Traffic + Conversions = A lot of sales, Clients and profit :)

I will explain you in a bit about how you can do it too but First, Let me ask you few important questions?

  • What JVzoo & Clickbank top seller in any Niche have similarity on their sales page or website?
  • Why they became the top selling products on JVzoo or clickbank of all time…?
  • What is common on super affiliate’s landing pages or review pages?
  • What's special about them all?

Highly Engaging VIDEOS!

They all have top quality video on their sales page or affiliate review page to capture their visitors to boost their conversions, sales & profit.

Yeah everyone not only want, but NEED, interactive videos on their landing page today whether they are an

Online marketer
Offline marketer
Affiliate Marketer
Business owner
Or anyone else who is doing online business.

Haven't you realized the Power of Videos yet?

  • Real Estate Tour Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Welcome Videos
  • Video Intro
  • Video Outros
  • Lead Generation Videos
  • Daily Tips Videos
  • About Me Videos
  • Product Explainer Videos
  • Promotional Videos
  • Special Offer Videos
  • JV/Affiliate Videos
  • Story Narration Videos
  • Testimonial Videos
  • Call To Action Videos

Viral videos And So Many More...

Just the fact that there are so many kinds of videos for marketing purposes is a clear reason why video is the present and the future for marketing your business. Everybody love at watching videos. Videos speak for themselves.

And guess! Which is one of the most visited Websites in the whole world. That's right YouTube, the hottest video sharing site ever. There’s no need to tell you that videos are so much powerful. All marketers and companies have proven that.

You can check by yourself, just open any website selling a product or offering a service and you will definitely see a video right there on the first page.

Well unless you fins an ugly website created years ago that no buddy cares to update it. But every single successful website online have a video right on from of it. Here are some more benefits of videos

So the question isn't whether we should use videos for your marketing activities! The question is how well you can do it!

And I'm here to give you the best answer to that!

Dr. Amit Pareek
Dr. Ankit Mehta

I am Dr. Amit Pareek. I and my friend Ankit Mehta have been a long time internet marketer and are actually living internet marketing lifestyle.

We have been selling products online since last 3 years and I personally develop quality content, videos and a lot of stuff every day…

When I decided to include doodle style videos in my package and sales videos… the results were stunning… I got 2x conversions for my previous product launch.

There were a lot of testimonials about the improved video performance. Then I realized what I was missing.

I called those videos "Profit Pulling Videos", which are videos that can almost take out the viewer’s wallet and make the purchase for them. Well not literally like that, but yeah Really Converting videos. But…

Are Profit Pulling Videos Easy to Create?

That video alone cost me $700… wowwhh that is the money I have to spend if I want to make this type of video again.

There are countless applications to make slideshow videos out there and you can easily make that.

But who wants to see those boring videos that has no engagement.
Not every single video produce same results!!

You are missing that important thing. Videos should captivate your viewer and compel him to do as you want!

But Making profit pulling Videos is not easy… It’s a typical process where you should have technical skills, graphical skills and writing skills.

Buddy, You don’t want to learn all these
Come on, you are a marketer not a tech nerd.
But Now what?

Yeah I know you can hire a professional guy to make videos for you, but do you actually know the costs?

That can cost you $250 per hour (minimum) for a profit pulling video.

I don’t know about you but I don't like to waste my hard earn money if I can find a way to do it myself, easily, quickly and cheaply, not lowering the quality at all.

Incredible software like Video Maker FX and Easy Sketch PRO Doing a great Job!

They have made video making process a lot simpler for one time, low investment. They have solved this problem to an extent with their amazing tools and objects… but

Again BUT! One shoe does not fit for all

You can use default templates and make great videos but still there is lack of character and desired shapes to present your product perfectly & to make it unique & engaging.

Uniqueness & engagement is the key…

It encouraged me to make this state of the art, gem packed complete video suite to end those problems and I teamed up with Ankit Mehta to bring you the greatest opportunity with videos to

  • Boost your conversions & visitors engagement drastically.
  • Captivate your audience better than your competitors

We are proudly presenting…

Video Suite PRO

  • Complete Video Suite to finally make profit pulling videos by yourself
  • Works great with every video software like VideoMakerFX, Easy sketch Pro, PowerPoint, Open Office, Adobe after effect & others
  • Even non-techie business owner or internet marketer can use it
  • Save your time, money and effort.
  • Completely Affordable

Here's Exactly What You Get with This Monster Package

This is a huge package with 2 GB of downloadable files. I divided it into 2 big packages.

Package #1 (Valued $597): 15 BIG Modules with More than 400 whiteboard characters and shapes:

All of the characters are highly detailed and pixel perfect so you won't have to worry about playing with their sizes and losing quality

check clocks, alarm clock, sand watch, calculators and show time factors in your videos

Give directions to your videos, use these arrows to point, navigate and direct to anything you want

can be used for the purpose of numerical representation in the videos.

The checkbox component provides an easy way to create a checkbox and label with a utility of checking & unchecking.

Ready to use calendar & Months shapes in your videos so as to make the video more interactive.

Wide variety of settings icon which includes control, custom, gear, internet marketing network, optimization options, preferences, seo, settings, system tools, web, wrench icons etc.

Highlights & underlines the text used in videos to focus special attention to text in the videos

convey message from your character and make it more appealing

Show emotions and moods with these smiley

You have to show technology stuff, here are virtual images of devices such as pcs, Laptops etc. which can be used in videos.

how files and folders from bunch of these perfect icons

show growth, share, percentage, incline, decline with infographics elements

An Earth Map or a globe showing that you are global or best in world

An Earth Map or a globe showing that you are global or best in world

Package #2 (Valued $497): 20 video stings that can double the impact of any video… existing or new

Use these stings in last of any video… whether it is blog or demo or promo or any business video This video stings will groom any video… existing or new.

See The DEMO

I can keep writing and writing much, much more about how great this opportunity really is, but instead I would love to show you what people say about it...

What Our Previous Customers Have to Say:

See what people are saying about this incredible package

Hey, I just check and fall in love in first sight… LOL This package is huge and includes everything I need for my video sales letters. It always been great to have a Dr. Amit’s product and this majestic package with Ankit Mehta is wonderful
- Gaurab Borah
"A must-have tool for anyone involved in Video Marketing, easy to use, fast and the quality of the videos guarantee better conversions on any niche" Jimmy Mancini -
- Jimmy Mancini
One more great quality product created by Dr.Amit!
Made by marketer for marketers.
Actually - it's complete equipment for online entrepreneurs who are doing video marketing. Video marketing is a must thing for every business now.

And when I got my hands on this product I made sure I received all necessary tools to get my online business On a new higher professional level. Thanks a bunch!
- Nataliya Piterova
"Incredible value in this Video package, Amit and team have overdelivered as usual with an insane anount of stunning content and tutorials which will make your video presentations sparkle and shine.

Everyone understands the important role that video plays in their business these days, and if you are not using video then you are missing out big time. I for one will be using these resources in all my future video projects"
- Rob Maggs

You'll get Full license to use videos as you want, No restriction and no watermark needed. Use the videos as your own & keep 100% profit.

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- You don't need to learn how to create profitable social media campaigns
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This BRAND new Client attraction strategy will land you clients paying you MINIMUM 7k to 15k a year! (You have never seen anything like this!)

Oh yeah without you having to do ANY of the work.
Step by step Training videos on how to use these with different software available in market to make professional videos.

You will also get few more surprising bonuses if you take action today!

Our Mission with Video Suite PRO
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Video Suite Pro

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